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Why buy a TIG Welder?
It can weld the most metals and provide a superior strength and higher quality weld than ARC or MIG.
What kinds of metals can you weld with a TIG welder (DC)?
Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Titanium are easy to weld with a DC TIG like the AV3X.
NOTE: With an AC/DC TIG it is possible to weld Aluminum also. The surface must not be oxidized.
Does AVORTEC offer an MIG Wire Feed Welder for welding aluminum as well as steel?
AVORTEC AV250 MIG Welder provides MIG welding of steel and aluminum up to 3/4" in a single pass. And 1" with proper technique.
Does AVORTEC offer an AC/DC TIG for welding aluminum as well as steel?
AVORTEC AVA200X AC/DC TIG Welder provides both AC TIG welding and DC TIG welding in single machine.
Why do I need an AC/DC TIG for welding aluminum?
AVORTEC AVA200X AC/DC TIG Welder  will remove the oxidation layer that is present on Aluminum and to do this our welder uses special pulses to clear away the upper surface while providing a superior quality High strenth TIG weld. No other manufacturers unit does what ours does at this price and performance range. Ask for a demo we will most likely KICK THIER ASS.
What's max - min thickness of the metals for the AV3X TIGs best performance?
We recommend .015 sheet metal to 1/4" metals for maximum performance. The TIG can weld thinner .01 gauge sheet metals but it is difficult and requires some skill. You can weld 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" with the right process as it might require v-groove and filler material of the base metal.
Does the plasma cutter require an Oxygen tank to cut metal?
No. The plasma cutter only requires compressed air from an air compressor. This provides and endless supply of air and saves you money.
The TIG welder uses Argon gas?
Yes Argon is the only gas required for TIG welding. CO2 can be substituted if cost is a factor.
What type of power do I need to run this machine (model AV3X, AV5X, XC50, MIG250, and AVA200X)?
Each machine is a 220V/240V 50A device. It requires a 220V/240V power outlet on a 50A breaker. Single phase. Please contact a licensed electrician if you need help installing the correct outlet plug. A 220V 50A male plug is available from AVORTEC.com - see accessories.
Do I need a welding cart with avortec welders or plasma cutters?
Yes you should protect your unit from damage with a cart. The unit will sit inside the cart on a shelf which protects it from accidental damage. The cart also eases mobility while welding and provides and excellent storage rack for all the cables and tools used when welding.
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