AV12X+ Plasma Cutter,MIG SYNERGY/TIG/ARC Welder,MIG Line Feeder All in One

AVORTEC AV12X+ provides advanced power for cutting, welding stainless steel, steel, cast iron, and aluminum,copper,aluminized alloys,exotic metals,ect.welds and repairs aircrafts,boats,motorcycles,RVs and big semi truck/trailers,FORD aluminum body panels,automotive body panels,superior for all repairs,customization,fabrication,manufacturing ect.

  • The AVORTEC AV12X+ Based on AV10X+,AC/DC TIG Pulse Square Wave Welder, ARC Pluse Wave Welder And Pilot ARC Plasma Cutter, MIG Spool gun Welder. Add MORE FUNCTION - Pulse Square Wave MIG line feeder,MIG is Synergy,auto sensing wire feed,anti-crater control,0-pulse,single pulse,double pulse,pulse with anti crater control.programs saveable,special option allows custom adjustments,auto wire input.
  • Optional: TIG Remote Thumb Amp Controlled Flex Head TIG Torch(Water Cooled/Air Cooled), Push Pull Gun(Water Cooled/Air Cooled), Plasma Gouging Tips Are Now Avaliable To Remove Unwanted Weld Beads Or Remove Unwanted Metal Or Welded Metal Parts.
  • The AVORTEC AV12X+ Is The Most Complete Advanced Power Technology System Available On The Market Today with A Full 100% Duty Cycle At Full 250 Amperages At All Modes Of Operation(Water Cooling Cooler And Cables Are Needed To Run At Full Duty Cycles Continous Operation).
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    Avortec AV12X+ Digital Plasma Cutter, 60A Plasma Cutter, www.avortec.com

    Brand: AVORTEC
    Product Type: Digital Series - NEW Version
    Processes: Plasma/MIG/TIG/ARC
    Power Source: 240V Single Phase Electric
    Power: 220V/240V 60AMP Electric
    Current: 1 Phase

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    Environmental Specifications

    Case - IP21 Enclosure

    Operating Temperatures -22.5F (MIN)-140F(MAX)

    AVORTEC AV12X+ Contents Included:


    AVORTEC MIG Line Feeder