AVORTEC provides the highest quality TIG welders With Integrated Plasma Cutters

Avortec AV3X TIG Welder, www.avortec.com
Avortec AVA200X TIG Welder And Plasma Cutter, www.avortec.com
Avortec AV5x AC/DC TIG, DC TIG Welder ARC Welder With Plasma Cutter- 200A TIG Welder, www.avortec.com

AVORTEC AV3X TIG Welder (DC TIG), ARC/MMA Welder And Plasma Cutter

Advanced power for welding steel, stainless steel and alloys

TIG Welder

Integrated ARC Welder

Integrated plasma Cutter

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Advanced power for welding aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and alloy

AC DC TIG Welder

Integrated ARC Welder 160AMP

IGBT Technology - Commercial Grade Welder

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AVORTEC AV5X AC/DC TIG Welder,DC TIG, ARC/MMA Welder And Plasma Cutter

Advanced power for welding aluminum, steel, stainless steel and alloys

Integrated plasma cutter.

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AVORTEC TIG Welder, ARC/MMA Welder And Plasma Cutters 


3-in-1 Provides Ultimate Versatility

The AVORTEC Advanced Power Technology TIG welder with integrated plasma cutter represents a leap forward in metal fabrication and welding equipment. With digital controls for accurate welds on a broad range of materials every time you will increase your productivity and quality on everything you weld and cut.

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Product Type: Digital Series - NEW Version
Processes: TIG Welder, ARC/MMA Welder, Plasma Cutter
Multi-Process: Yes
Power: 220V/240V 50AMP Electric
Current: 1 Phase


TIG Welder (AVA200X and AVA3X)


ARC / MMA Welder

Plasma Cutter

Environmental Specifications

Case - IP21 Enclosure

Operating Temperatures 40F (MIN)-100F(MAX)

Digital Controls With LED Readout Display


TIG Welder And Plasma Cutter Parts and Accessories

Accessories and Replacment Parts

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Our industrial quality TIG Welders and professional grade products utilize top quality materials, and high tech materials.

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