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Avortec provides professional tools, TIG Welders, Plasma Cutters, Portable Generators For Backup Power Generation, Construction Jobsites and Outdoor Activities.

We are also a leader in Alternative Power Units - APUs for OTR Trucking applications where reduced idling is required while providing full air conditioning and A/C power.

Service And Support

Please send your product to Avortec for service. We will repair or replace components as needed under warranty and repair your unit for a small fee if it is out of warranty.

Contact a sales representative for service on your product. Please provide the model number.

Avortec Products: You must return to an authorized customer service center for repair only.

Please send your product for service to:
Avortec Service Center (please contact us for service information)

If your need service on a regular basis with faster turn around we recommend purchasing the extended warranty option. Products used in a commercial or industrial environment or under extreme conditions may void warranty.  Products modified for a production environment may void warranty.

Repairs And Maintenance

Avortec repairs generators, trucks and heavy equipment. Please contact us.

Installation Services

AVORTEC installs APU's on commercial vehicles.

We offer installation and support at our facility in Michigan. Please call us to setup a time for installation of your generator or APU.

Please call us for installation or setup questions on any of your AVORTEC products.

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