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Avortec provides professional grade tools, TIG Welders, Plasma Cutters, Air Compressors And Portable Generators For Backup Power Generation, Construction Jobsites.

TIG and ARC Welder with Plasma Cutter - Perfect for onsite metal fabrication. Weld steel, stainless steel and steel pipes, metal studs, I-Beams and other structural components on large steel commercial buildings.
Welds Thick and Thin gauge metals - .01 to 1/4" easily and continuously and up to 3/8" and 1/2"

Plasma Cutter Cuts a variety of metals -  rebar, steel I-beams, cast iron, pipes, almost anything you can think of on the jobsite.

Avortec XC50 Plasma Cutter, For cutting steel studs, I-Beams and other steel on commercial buildings,
Plasma Cutters
Avortec AV3X TIG, ARC welder and plasma cutter,
TIG Welders For Steel Welding And Cutting

Diesel Generators and APUs For Commerical Vehicles and Trucks - Compact efficient power for the jobsite runs on generator or 220V/50AMP power. Mount to vehicles Ford F-Series Pickups, Chevy and GMC Pickups and commerical vehicles.
Smaller Units Weighs only 35lbs - easily carry around to work anywhere on the site - Ideal for power tools and air compressors, work lights.

Avortec Diesel Generator,
Diesel Generators
Avortec Contractors Air Compressor, Twin Tank Air Compressor,
Contractors Air Compressors


We are also a leader in Alternative Power Units - APUs for construction applications where reduced idling is required while providing full air conditioning, heat, and A/C power.

Avortec also provides some of the most advance hybrid power solutions.

We manufacture the most advanced APU on the market for fleets, commercial vehicles, work trucks, RVs. The AVORTEC APU provides reliable portable power, heat and air conditioning on all your mobile vehicles.

The True hybrid alternative - OFFERING - HIGH MPG and saving you thousands of dollars in fuel costs over the life of the vehicle.
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AVORTEC 6D Diesel Generators

AVORTEC APU - Auxilary Power Units


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