DSM270 synergy MIG 220V
DSM270 synergy MIG 220V
DSM270 synergy MIG 220V

DSM270 synergy MIG 220V

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Voltage 220V, MIG double single pulse machine.

2 wheel drive / 4 wheel drive

this machine MIGs like AC/DC TIG, Aluminum, SS Steel, Steel, alloys of all kinds. single or double pulse ,can adjust it to get the stack dimes look , its amazing truly. can adjust pulse , up slope down slope, inductance, pulse frequency , burn back, hot start end current , to the gas blend using , record , this is a major break through in MIG welding like and identical to a TIG bead if needed in the job at hand , all other older MIGs will be considered nearly useless after you have used this MIG welder.


1 MIG Spool gun 26ft (LED / flex head is an optional),

1 MIG line feed torch 9ft,

1 Arc stick holder 18ft,

1 heavy duty ground cable 18ft,

1 Argon regular,

10 extra MIG tips. 

 5 years warranty!


Flex head spool gun is an optional,if you like to buy flex head mig spool gun,please contact us.